Cyber Threat Hunting

The best way to protect yourself is to anticipate threats.

Unlike traditional security incident response approaches that are triggered by a specific alert, Threat Hunting is a proactive activity that checks for threats on the company’s infrastructure:

  • Binary analysis to determine their malicious nature or not,
  • Searching for threats in the logs to detect behaviors that may have escaped the SIEM,
  • Verification of the efficiency of vulnerability information feedback.

How the service works

A 24/7 accessible service

Our solution helps detect advanced threats that are hiding inside your information system. This online malware scanning service is available 24/7 from any environment.

The service can be used for hands-on in-depth analysis of new or unidentified malware objects, as well as for investigation of cyber incidents.

You can verify a URL by copying or writing it to our platform. You can also drop or upload a file.

Automated digital investigations with playbooks

The collected traces are compared with indicators of compromise databases to verify the presence of known threats and generic and specific suspicious patterns. Our analyses are accompanied by incident response elements.

Delivery of the result and your detailed report

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