Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence

75% of attacks are not prevented or detected. Less than 10% of attacks generate an alert. Thank to our unique approach, Stroople Cyber Threat Intelligence gives back the advantages to cyber teams to face attackers.

Neutralize threats before they do

Stroople CTI  is a comprehensive and powerful automation platform that provides organizations of all sizes with up to up minute, relevant, accessible in real time Cyber Threat Intelligence, so you can focus on and adress the threats that matter.

A highly accessible and actionable CTI

Thank to our unique approach, Stroople Cyber Threat Intelligence allows to master in an accessible way attacks targeting your organization.

What makes us different

Why Stroople Cyber Threat Intelligence will tell you more about your adversaries than anyone else

Correlation approach

Traditional Cyber Threat Intelligence platforms aggregate cyber threats but struggle to detect unknown and advanced security threats or internal and external attackers who have already gained access to the network.

Another challenge is that too much threat information floods cybersecurity analysts, who struggle to identify and prioritize the most important ones.

Based on cutting edge technologies, our solution uncovers unknown threats by identifying activities that deviate from a normal baseline.

It provides a qualified threat assessment by correlating different threat sources (IOCs such as IP, host, file/hash, …) via playbooks.

This correlation approach allows the discovery of security threats that might otherwise remain hidden in massive repositories. It allows tracking and monitoring of all users and other entities using the network and reduces security events for cybersecurity teams. It significantly improves operational efficiency by prioritizing relevant vulnerabilities and exposures.

Real time technology

As information security management is a key component of any modern organisation. In information security, relevance and context may originate from both within and from outside the organisation. It is for this reason, information sharing and the need for information sharing in real time have become almost axiomatic in the world of cybersecurity.

Thank to our fully automated process, our platform is available 24/7.

You receive to-the-minute intelligence with analysis. All the intelligence produced is contextualized and exploitable.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform allows to improve in real time your defenses by understanding cyber crime actors, motivations and behaviors targeting your organization and your industry. Through this approach, useful intelligence is available in real time to both strategic and operational team.

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