Cyber diagnostic

Cyber security from a hacker’s perspective

We develop a pragmatic approach to assess the level of exposure of your business. To stay ahead of hackers, it can be helpful to look at things from their own point of view like a hacker trying to get into your business’s system.

So, we test the vulnerability of all or part of your information system that could be exploited by hackers or malware to determine your exposure.


A pragmatic approach to suit your needs

Our cybersecurity diagnosis is a quick, cost-effective assessment of your cyber security arrangements by a seasoned cyber security expert. In a few days, your cyber expert will undertake an operational assessment of your cyber security maturity.

Get an overview of the security level of your information system

Evaluate your level of compliance with best practices

Check the resilience of your information system

Our cybersecurity diagnostic offers

To develop our approach, we bring our knowledge of the specific threats to each sector.

Initial cyberdiag

Test the vulnerability of your web services.

  • Inventory of your practices and security controls
  • Mapping of your endpoints
  • Scans of your web services
  • Scoring of your vulnerabilities according to the international CVSS standard.
  • Actionable roadmap with recommendations by order of criticality to optimize and improve your protection capabilities against threats.

Premium Cyberdiag

Test the vulnerability of your web services and your internal infrastructure with certain access.

  • System Server Diagnosis in Linux or Windows environment
  • Detection of anomalies and system vulnerabilities
  • Privilege analysis, privilege escalation
  • Malware detection
  • ….


Challenges are endless, but your resources are finite. Whether you need one-time support to get started or long-term regular consulting: we are there for you.

  • Support for the treatment of severe and sensitive points (remediation plan).
  • Support service for the treatment of the identified points and the reinforcement of means in Cybersecurity.
  • Corrections of major flaws / bug.

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