Our expertise

Identity Security

We aim to deliver high quality Identity and Access Management services in a simplified, efficient and secure way, satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations.

Governance & Risk Compliance

We help organizations address threats before hackers can exploit them by integrating best practices for handling risks, managing controls and barriers, and ensuring they are up to date and comply with the latest standards and regulations.

CISO As A Service

Our CISO-as-a-Service provides guidance on all the elements of information security.

Compliance with standards

We enhance ISMS from analysis to continuous improvement, aligning with your business needs.

Regulatory Compliance

We optimize your compliance while enhancing your cyber resilience.

Security Operation

When a cyber incident occurs every minute counts. We provide experts to help you in anticipating, responding to and improving your capabilities to respond to security incidents.

Security Audit

We measure your level of protection with a cyber security audit of your Information System. We cover all major security standards including NIST, CIS Controls, OWASP, SANS, CERT, ISO 27001, etc.

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