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From managing IT and cyber risk to digital operational resilience

Whether you need to enhance the approach to cyber security you’ve already defined or are just beginning to map out, we can help.

Stroople provides security expertise and help to fill crucial gaps in the security posture of organizations, facilitating the development of robust cybersecurity taking into consideration the business and security objectives.

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Wether you need to deliver a short or longer term project, we build or expand your cyber security team, quickly, through our customized staffing solutions.

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Our experts are certified

Our experts are coached on their talents and have the best cybersecurity certifications on the market.

Managed Security Services

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Our managed security service is designed as a remote extension of your security staff. We provide solutions for your complex information security challenges.

We provide outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems.  Our service helps eliminate blind spots and provide you visibility into key issues.

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