Your Governance and Risk Compliance Partner

How we can help

We help organizations address threats to their projects and operations before hackers can exploit them by integrating best practices for handling risks, managing controls and barriers, and ensuring they are up to date and comply with the latest standards and regulations.

If your business has valuable information assets, processes credit or debit cards, or stores data, you need to follow regulations and standards, such as GDPR and PCI-DSS. That means providing a clear measurement of risk and capture current risks to the organization, and demonstrate how cyber risks will be managed going forward. That also means having the systems, processes and culture in place to drive robust governance and risk management.

At Stroople, we help you achieve the right balance to protect your assets and activities, and to successfully implement a holistic approach to security, thanks to a pragmatic approach to risk management.

What we do

Our customers come to us to address the ever changing challenges from innovative and agile cyber criminals.

We provide you with wide ranging expertise needed for incident response, compliance and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies.

From dialogue with the business, we are committed to providing long-term support and building with our clients.

In all cases, we call on the involvement of users and administrators to make people the first and last line of defense for information and associated systems.

We ensure you can fully and securely drive your organisation’s digital innovation efforts and deliver security solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our robust governance, risk and compliance services enable you to establish cyber security maturity across your organization, including:

Cyber security management

Assess and evaluate the security needs of your Information Systems in relation to your business challenges. Implement a fully documented risk management system with the support of our practical advice on the policies and procedures you need to stay cyber secure.

Crisis exercise

Cyber attacks target all businesses and can create major crises that the best-prepared will survive and turn into opportunities to demonstrate their resilience. Test your organization and prepare your teams to deal with a cyber crisis.

Standards gaps analysis and compliance

Identify the cyber security standards and regional/national regulations that apply to your organization and industry, including ISO 27001 ISMS for IT and the EBIOS or NIST framework. We support you to find the gaps before they are exploited.

What makes the difference

Driven by Agile principles and practices, we customize our way of working to match the needs of each client and the goals aimed to be achieved. We are flexible and able to adapt to change at any given time and place focus on transparency, communication and collaboration.

Our cybersecurity consultants work alongside you to understand your needs, tailoring the requirements to deliver the best outcomes for your business. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the specific threats you may be facing and what actions you need to take to mitigate those threats.

Every business is different and it’s not practical or cost effective to mitigate every possible risk. We get under the skin of your business so we can help you prioritise the mitigation of threats and risks that could have a material impact on your business.

When we use models and tools, we do so sparingly, taking into account where and when they are used.

We’re technology agnostic, with no commercial agreements with any vendors. That means we’ll also recommend the right technology to meet your needs. Our experts are only interested in helping you get full value from your cybersecurity and compliance effort.