Mastering Identity And Access

What Is IAM?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) manages access rights to an organization’s information system (IS). IAM is based on two pillars: identity governance and identity administration.

How we can help

Authentication and access are critical parts of any compliance and cybersecurity strategy. In a highly mobile and hybrid business environment, users having multiple digital identities and access to diverse applications. Multiple credentials are not only difficult to remember and manage, but they also elevate the risk of identity theft, unauthorized access, and failure to meet compliance requirements.

We help you streamline user management and access, mitigate the risk of a security breach by following best practices in identity, access and privilege management.

Keep your teams connected and productive , our experts will help you defend against threats like stolen credentials, misused privileges, and unwanted remote access, whilst still making sure that users get a simple and comfortable experience.

IAM Offer

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a key aspect of cybersecurity for businesses. It enables knowing who is authorized to access the information system and what they are allowed to do. However, to effectively manage authorizations, ensuring data quality is an essential prerequisite.

Do you know how long it takes for you to be aware of the arrival of a new employee or contractor? And when they are required to leave the company? Are the managers of the employees properly identified?

Stroople offers a packaged solution to analyze the quality of your identity data.

Have you ever wondered how many orphaned or inactive accounts linger in your system, or how many groups contain only disabled accounts?

These elements pose unnecessary security risks that can often be easily remediated. But first, you need to be aware of them!

Stroople offers a packaged solution that automatically identifies over 20 risk elements in your information system (such as orphaned accounts, residual accounts, locked accounts, unused authorizations, groups with circular references, etc.).

Certifying the authorizations of employees is a crucial step to ensure security and compliance within your company. However, preparing certification campaigns can be complex and costly: mapping employee authorizations, identifying managers, and more.

Stroople offers a packaged solution that will drastically reduce the preparation time for these certification campaigns.

Data and system security is a major concern for businesses. Implementing authorization management is essential to achieve this.

However, many companies still manage employee authorizations in a discretionary manner. Indeed, automating authorization assignment is often seen as an unattainable goal.

You will be surprised to learn that companies that dare to take the plunge succeed in automating at least 30% of their employee authorizations.

Stroople offers a packaged solution and a pragmatic approach to demonstrate that automatic assignment of employee authorizations can be easily implemented.

Authorization and Access Management is at the core of cybersecurity. However, the IAM field is sometimes unknown or misunderstood.

What does IAG mean? What are the key features of PAM tools? Why invest in an AM solution?

The experts at Stroople have developed an IAM maturity grid to help you assess your position in relation to IAM and provide guidance in building your roadmap.

What we do

We implement effective technologies like SSO (Single Sign-On), Adaptive authentication and multi-factor authentication (MFA), access controls, and streamlined policy management into your security solution to enable flexible access to data without compromising security.

Identity Administration and Governance

Know who accesses what and why. The goal of identity and entitlement governance is simple: the right authorization, the right person, the right time.

One of the first objectives of IAG is the implementation of centralized and reliable identities repositories, allowing the dissemination of quality information within the Information System.

This type of repository is able to centralize other types of additional data, such as organizational structure or location information.

With our experience on several dozen IAG projects, we can assist you in defining and formalizing your needs, choosing a solution, deploying a solution or advising you in its functional administration.

Access Management

Increased exposure to the Internet with the advent of Cloud services accessible to all, the broadening of application access to persons outside the company (partners and customers for example) or the deployment of modern application architectures based on APIs and microservices, challenges to the security of logical accesses.

We help you retain control over your accesses (applications, data, APIs, …) whilst still making sure that users get a simple and comfortable experience.

Privileged Access Management

The most critical and the most frequent kinds of cyber-attacks involve hackers exploiting vulnerabilities to increase their privileges.

We help you to protect yourself from cyber-attacks by mapping, mastering and monitoring privileged accesses that lead to critical company resources.

Customer Identity and Access Management

At a time when data is an essential lever of value creation and when new regulations increasingly protect the citizen, it is essential for any company wishing to deploy a customer-centric strategy to know its customers well in order to offer them services/products adapted to their expectations. This requires the implementation of a centralized and decompartmentalized Customer Identity and Access Management (Customer IAM) platform.

We help you secure your customer-centric strategies.

What makes the difference

Driven by Agile principles and practices, we customize our way of working to match the needs of each client and the goals aimed to be achieved. We are flexible and able to adapt to change at any given time and place focus on transparency, communication and collaboration.

Our cybersecurity consultants work alongside you to understand your needs, tailoring the requirements to deliver the best outcomes for your business. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the specific threats you may be facing and what actions you need to take to mitigate those threats.

Every business is different and it’s not practical or cost effective to mitigate every possible risk. We get under the skin of your business so we can help you prioritise the mitigation of threats and risks that could have a material impact on your business.

When we use models and tools, we do so sparingly, taking into account where and when they are used.

We’re technology agnostic, with no commercial agreements with any vendors. That means we’ll also recommend the right technology to meet your needs. Our experts are only interested in helping you get full value from your cybersecurity and compliance effort.