CISO As A Service

CISO As Service

CISO As A Service

Our CISO-as-a-Service provides guidance on all the elements of information security. 

CISO As A Service

Advisor, technologist, roadmap strategist and operational expert

The CISO role is multifaceted and integral, requiring a blend of technical prowess and strategic vision to navigate cybersecurity within an organization. They must adeptly manage current security gaps while integrating new tech safeguards, balance a constrained cyber-risk budget, and face challenges in hiring skilled personnel. This position demands a deep understanding of the organization’s cyber culture and the resilience to lead through security incidents, making it a critical bridge between technical needs and strategic business objectives.

Some of the typical challenges we see are as follows:

  • The CISO must balance addressing current vulnerabilities while implementing security for new technologies, as legacy systems and applications need patching while new threats emerge almost daily.
  • The cyber-risk management budget is not sustainable and forces the CISO to make difficult decisions on how to prioritise.

  • It is difficult to recruit the right people with the needed technical skills, business knowledge and strategic mindset.


Our approach

The guidance of a cybersecurity expert

Stroople offers a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, equipping your organization with leading experts in all areas of security. We delegate experienced leaders to strengthen your information security, providing access to a wide network of industry professionals, strategic methodologies tailored to your needs, and the tools for effective implementation and measurement of results. This service enhances your security infrastructure, proactively addressing risks to prevent major losses.

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