Advanced Phishing Security Test

Protect your business from a hacker perspective.

Why should phishing mitigation be your top priority?

Phishing attacks are the most common cyberthreats used by hackers today. Focusing on the technological defenses and adhering to compliance could give a false sense of security, while the most significant attack surface, the employees, may remain unprotected.

There is no technological quick fix. Advanced anti-spam or multi-factor authentication? Hackers have “tricks” to defeat these protections. The only way to secure your business is to continuously test your your security measures from a hacker perspective and train your teams in real conditions to face the most common and dangerous attacks.

Protect your business with the first all-in-one phishing security test and awareness service.

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A all in one service

Phishing Security Test & Awareness Service

Our service effectively addresses one of the top threats to your business. Through OSINT techniques and advanced technologies, we examine your environment as hackers do to test your phishing security measures and your employees ‘ awareness.


Real Life Contextualized & Automated Simulation Attack.


Phishing Security Awareness through experience.


Mitigating risks & Analytics report on demand.

A plug & play service

Black box, grey box or white box? They are all different approaches to simulating how a hacker would attack your business.

The main tradeoffs between black box, gray box and white box phishing security testing are the accuracy of the test and its speed, efficiency and coverage.

Ideally, most phishing security tests would be black box, because it most closely resembles how a hacker approaches your Information System.
However, the white box method provides much more comprehensive results in terms of security awareness.

Your automated solution allows us to mix the different approaches to cover all your security needs.

Why choose Egide?

No time wasted.

No platform to set up. Our plug & play service saves you valuable time. Train your whole workforce with unprecedented efficiency, without having to do any effort. Stroople offers a turnkey service to create and schedule Phishing Security Tests in a few days.

No easy-to-spot simulations. Forget sending a blanket email to everyone in the company. Our advanced solution generates real life simulation attacks to find and exploit your potential weaknesses from a hacker’s perspective and based on the latest attack techniques.

Forget about security awareness videos that people barely play in the background. Our short and security awareness through real life experience effectively helps users learn how to detect cyber threats and reduce data breaches.

Say “goodbye” to outdated and one shot phishing security testing. Cyberthreats are always evolving and compliance frameworks are always behind the curve. Above and beyond what compliance requires, our Egide automated solution helps continuously your security team and your employees to stay up to date on new vulnerabilities and advanced threats.

Say “hello” to our New Advanced Phishing Security Test.

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