Managed Phishing Service

Protect your business against phishing from a hacker perspective.

Discover the premium services dedicated to your organisation

Stroople protects your organisation against email threats with a unique Security Managed Service.

Managed Security Service Provider

Security Audit
Evaluation of your protection measures against phishing from a hacker perspective.
Vulnerability Audit
Evaluation of your teams' maturity level in real conditions.
Experiential learning
Real-life experiences facilitate learning, as it is often easier to remember what you have done yourself than what you have seen someone else do.
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We offer a comprehensive turnkey service

Attack Surface Analysis

Attack surface analysis maps out what parts of your organisation are vulnerables.

Attack Surface Cloning

Bespoke fake portals are used to capture the credentials of users.

Phishing Tactics & Techniques

Through OSINT techniques, appropriate attack scenarios are designed.

Fake Phishing Email

We build a phishing program that matches your users skill level.

Analyse & Report

Access in real time to your reporting dashboard & analytics.

Experiential Learning

Immediate awareness with short training courses.

Track & mesure results

Assessment of your organization's maturity and progress.

Security Improvement Program

Reduce risk with a cyber security improvement program .
% of cyber attacks start with a phishing attack
% of ransomware attacks start with a phishing email attack.
% of all phishing emails make it past IT security

A holistic approach

All-in-one service. 100% customizable.

Taking a holistic approach to email security, combining system-based defences and ongoing staff training, Stroople gives you the best chance to protect your business.

Real life contextualized attacks

Not trivial phishing simulations.

We put your business and its cybersecurity to the test by using attackers’ modus operandi, in a totally secured way.

On-the-Job Training

Nothing teaches like experience.

Change behaviour with short, experiential and ongoing microlearnings.

Neuroscience studies have shown that a pedagogical approach based on experiential learning allows for a more efficient integration of cognitive, theoretical and practical knowledge and favors the emergence of intuition.

Track the progress of your teams

Access in real time.

Assess your organization maturity and record progress within your company. We provide you a access in real time to your reporting dashboard & analytics (opening the e-mail, clicking on the link, …).

Leverage your Security Improvement Program

Uplifting your cyber security maturity.

Our Security Improvement Program compares your IT practices (MITRE’s recommanded mitigations, …) whith the standards relevant to your entreprise and guides you on the path to regular and continual security upgrades.

White paper

Learn more about spear-phishing here and how you can prevent these attacks.

Black box, grey box or white box?

 They are all different approaches to simulating how a hacker would attack your business.

The main tradeoffs between black box, gray box and white box phishing security testing are the accuracy of the test and its speed, efficiency and coverage.

Ideally, most phishing security tests would be black box, because it most closely resembles how a hacker approaches your Information System.
However, the white box method provides much more comprehensive results in terms of security awareness.

Organisations need automated solutions and turnkey service to overcome their challenges around limited staff.

Your Phishing Managed Service allows us to mix the different approaches to cover all your security needs.


Hash, encryption, security audits and enforcement implementation of an ISS policy.


Principle of minimization, removal of data, impact analyzes and protection charter.


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