Conversation Overflow Cyberattack

New Cyberattack Method

Conversation Overflow

A new cyberattack technique, named “Conversation Overflow,” challenges security systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) by specifically targeting executives and leaders. Cybercriminals design phishing emails to steal credentials by embedding malicious payloads in seemingly benign messages.

1️⃣ Crafting the Email

Cybercriminals create an email with two distinct parts: a visible section that prompts the recipient to click on a link or provide information, and a hidden portion containing benign text designed to deceive AI/ML algorithms.

2️⃣ Bypassing AI/ML Controls

The hidden text is designed to mimic normal communication, which can mislead AI-based security systems into classifying the email as non-threatening.

3️⃣ Executing the Attack

Once the email bypasses security controls, it can reach the user’s inbox, where cybercriminals can launch additional attacks, such as credential theft.

How to protect against this attack technique?

1️⃣ Awareness

Train your employees to recognize signs of phishing emails and to remain skeptical about requests for sensitive information, even if the email seems to come from a legitimate source.

2️⃣ Improve Detection & Have a Well-Defined Incident Response Plan

Use security solutions that do not solely rely on “known good” analysis but can also detect subtle anomalies in data and communication behavior. Ensure you have a well-defined incident response plan to react quickly and effectively if a successful phishing attack is detected.

3️⃣ Use Advanced Anti-Phishing Solutions

Adopt anti-phishing tools that can thoroughly analyze the content of emails, including hidden or less visible parts, to detect deception attempts. Notable among the solutions is Agari, which offers AI-based predictive protection against sophisticated phishing attacks and business email compromises. Agari also stands out for its post-delivery solutions that work in tandem with secure email gateway solutions like Office 365 and G Suite.

By combining these measures, you can strengthen your defenses against sophisticated attack techniques like “Conversation Overflow” and protect your sensitive data from cybercriminals.

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