Discover Cyber Security GitHub’s Cutting-Edge GPT Agents

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

Discover GitHub's Cutting-Edge GPT Agents

We are excited to introduce Awesome GPTs (Agents) for Cybersecurity, a community initiative to compile a list of GPT agents specialized in cybersecurity, both offensive and defensive. This project aims to highlight the efforts and innovations in this crucial field.

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⚠️ Important Note Users should exercise caution and evaluate the agents before using them. Please note that some of these GPTs are still in the testing phase.

🌟 Basic Guidelines

Here are some specific keywords that trigger certain actions of the GPTs, to maximize their use:

Retrieve“: used to retrieve information available in the knowledge base.

Based on your knowledge“: used to extract information from the knowledge base.

Generate“: used to trigger the code interpreter.

Can you provide information on [specific topic] from the knowledge source?“: To trigger retrieval.

What does the knowledge source say about [specific request]?“: To trigger retrieval.

Non-exhaustive List of Cybersecurity GPTs

Here are some examples of GPT agents in the field of cybersecurity:

MagicUnprotect: Interacts with the Unprotect database to extract information on malware evasion techniques.

GP(en)T(ester): Cybersecurity assistant for pentesting.

Threat Intel Bot: Specialized in the latest APT threat information. Vulnerability Bot: Specialized in vulnerability, secure coding, and ransomware attacks.

SourceCodeAnalysis: Analyzes the source code of any project and answers all your questions.

…and many more!